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Couture Makeup Tips

 Couture makeup designs are designed to surprise and even shock. Couture makeup exists in the realm of high fantasy. Haute couture literally means "high fashion" or "high dressmaking" in French. Couture creations are not meant for everyday wear. Vibrant, over the top eye and lip color, fantastically long lashes and sparkling facial jewels have all been integrated into couture style makeup. It isn't easy to wear makeup created for the runway in daily life, but these extraordinary designs can be an inspiration for new or special occasion looks.

Color palettes for couture makeup complement the latest fashion trends. Structured or architectural couture clothing designs can be paired with stark, monochromatic makeup. Ice-blue or white makeup shown with a contemporary clothing collection can create startling effects. Unusual color combinations like green and purple, or bright pink and steel gray can make neutral fashion pieces pop on the runway. Exaggerated colors like fire-engine red, generally seen in lip color, can double as eye color. Complexity, audacity and surprise are the hallmarks of many styles of couture makeup.
Mile long lashes are part of the couture makeup kit. Eyelash and eyebrow jewels -- small sparkles or rhinestones that are glued to the eyebrows -- can be added. Glitter and facial jewelry can also be incorporated into more ordinary items like blush for added bling. Temporary accessories like fake eyebrow piercings, nose rings and lip rings, while not technically makeup, can complete or enhance a haute couture makeup look.
Runway makeup needs to grab your attention from the first moment it appears. Surrealist makeup with butterfly eyelashes and watercolor lips has appeared paired with futuristic haute couture collections. Anime inspired accessories and color schemes have been seen with Manga influenced fashion lines.
For vibrant and color-saturated collections some designers have used a more muted color palette and steered clear of outrageous accessories. The makeup is still exaggerated, but not so much so that it overpowers the clothes. Heightened romanticism requires an intensely smoky eye, excessively pink cheeks or vivid red lips. Bohemian couture makeup might use a very pale lip and a profusion of nature inspired facial colors.
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