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How to Give Yourself a Raise as a Freelancer

As a freelancer, you have control over your salary. You can choose how to set your rates and when to give yourself a raise. Just like any other job, a regular raise can help you keep ahead of inflation and your business costs. As your experience increases, you become a more valuable freelancer, and you should charge accordingly.

Determine your rate increase. According to PCG, a professional association for freelancers in the United Kingdom, you can raise your rates 10 to 15 percent without risking loosing clients. Calculate your new rates by multiplying your current rate with each client 10 to 15 percent.
Write a letter to each client explaining your rate increase. Include the new rate as well as a starting date for the rate increase. Notify your clients before your increase your rates on their invoice.
Update your website, salary scale or portfolio to include the increased rate. Replace your current rates with the increased amount anywhere you have them publicly listed.
Charge your new rate to any new clients. Discuss your rates with the client and include the fee in your contract or agreement.
Invoice your clients with your new rates.
Some clients may not agree with your rate increase. Offer to negotiate with the client or prepare to replace the client if you can't reach an agreement.
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