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What Hairstyles Look Good With High Foreheads?

What Hairstyles Look Good With High Foreheads?thumbnail Hairstyles can complement or detract from your natural facial features. If you have a high forehead, you should choose hairstyles that balance out your natural features instead of accentuating them. The end goal is to get your face looking as oval as possible. It is important to have your hair stylist give you the right haircut, but it is equally important to style your hair every day in a manner that draws attention away from your high forehead.

Eyebrow-length fringe bangs hang down onto your face, making a high forehead less noticeable. Side-swept bangs also do the trick. These softly layered wisps of hair cross over your forehead diagonally, covering your forehead and drawing attention toward the midsection of your face.

Have your stylist give you a cut with long layers that frame both sides of your face. This cut brings volume to the sides of your head, balancing out a high forehead by giving the overall appearance of an oval face shape. Your layers can either be pulled down so they fall directly onto your face, or splayed out from either side of your face.

Put your hair in curlers at night, or use a curling machine to create curls throughout your entire mane. Apply a bit of mousse to your hair, starting at the roots and working your way out to the ends. Use a diffused blow dryer to create volume on either side of your head by scrunching your hair with your fingers while gently blowing your hair out to either side of your face. Make sure to minimize volume on the crown of your head, while creating it on both sides of your head.

If you are averse to a new cut or spending time on curls every day, a modified ponytail balances out a high forehead nicely. Smooth your hair by rubbing a small amount of pomade over your entire mane, using your palms. Create a side part and pull the front portion of your hair diagonally across your face, tucking it behind one ear. Pull hair into a tight, low ponytail on the nape of your neck.

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