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Makeup Tips for Bridesmaids

Makeup Tips for Bridesmaidsthumbnail Arm yourself with bridesmaid makeup tips. A bride may ask her bridesmaids to all have one concise look but that doesn't mean they should all be using the exact same makeup and techniques. Bridesmaids who are doing their own makeup can arm themselves with makeup tips to help them customize their look to both look great and fit with the bridal party. A few tips will also help keep makeup looking fresh all day, and well into the night.
Blending is key when it comes to good wedding makeup. Digital cameras, especially high-resolution ones like those used by professional wedding photographers, often pick up on makeup that isn't well blended. To make sure yours is blended perfectly have the wedding photographer take a digital snapshot of you in full makeup before the event officially begins. Stand in natural light and have the photographer use a telephoto lens. Review the image to detect any uneven or mottled areas of makeup. If it's not right, pick up a makeup sponge and keep on blending.
Only use your own makeup, and makeup that is made for your skin tone and type. Do not borrow makeup from another bridesmaid. Foundations come in a range of flesh tones and may either contain moisturizing agents for dry skin or a matte finish for oily skin. Before buying foundation, apply and blend a small patch of it into your lower cheek until you find a perfect match.
The stress, emotion and sleepless nights that lead up to the wedding -- and the long wedding day itself -- may leave eyes dry, red and irritable. Carry a bottle of moisturizing eye drops with you throughout the day to keep your eyes bright and sparkling, and feeling great. Apply one drop per eye every few hours, or whenever eyes feel irritated.
Take color cues from the season in which the wedding takes place. Consider pastels in spring, shimmery ethereal tones in summer, rich caramel and auburn hues in autumn, and dramatic jewel tones with sparkle in winter. These colors don't have to dominate the face, especially if they don't look good with the skin tone or wedding scheme, but they can be used as a modest hint of color along the eye line or on the lips.
Always be prepared to perform emergency touch ups on the fly. Stock your clutch or evening bag with lipstick, mascara, miniature foundation, eye drops, and a set of powder papers with which to blot oily skin.

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