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Makeup Tips for Freckled Faces

Makeup Tips for Freckled Facesthumbnail
It used to be the case that people with freckles would do anything to cover up these tiny facial blemishes. Today, however, freckles are in and fair-skinned people are using makeup that accentuates their freckles rather than hides them. Choosing the right makeup to complement your freckles and your skin tone is essential and there are a number of rules that should be followed if you want to pull off the freckled look effectively.You don't want to conceal those freckles so opt for a foundation that will cover the face creating a uniform tint to your skin but still allow the freckles to be seen. Sheer colors are the best and provide the perfect base for the rest of the makeup. If you want to cover up some of the darker freckles on your face then apply concealer to the necessary areas.
Freckles are brownish and warm-colored, so you want something that is going to complement them rather than contrast with them. Go for a slightly peachy colored blush or a neutral bronzer or blush, which will bring out the freckles giving a sun-kissed look to your face. Avoid blush or bronzer with glitter or similar properties as these can contrast with the freckles, making the face look too busy.
People who have freckles also have fair skin so it's essential that you wear sunscreen if you want to protect your skin from sun damage. The other benefit of using sunscreen is that it will stop your freckles from becoming darker and keep new ones from popping up. Look for a high SPF sunscreen of 30 or above.
When it comes to the lipsm freckled faces should opt for colors such as brown and plum, as these will complement the skin tone in addition to the hair color as well. Avoid colors such as pink, even if it is the color of the season, as this will contrast with the color of the freckles. Sporting nude lips also works well if you want to go for the less-is-more look.
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