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Creating Fun Hair Styles With Your Flat Iron

Sophisticated and Sleek

This sophisticated style works best with hair that is at least past the chin or longer. Start by washing and conditioning your hair. Apply a leave in conditioner and mousse for hold, then blow dry or air dry. Using a long tail or wide tooth comb, part the hair aligning the part just past the highest part of the arch of your eyebrow and bring the part all the way back to your crown. Using a flat iron set to the appropriate heat, run the plates down the length of your hair. Create this sleek and sophisticated look by giving your iron a slight turn when you get three to four inches away from the end of your hair. As you are styling, apply a heat protecting product to each section and be sure to clean the flat iron plates as you go. To finish, apply a finishing spray or soothing serum.

Lots of Volume

Create styles with tons of volume using this great technique. Start with the iron close to your scalp then take your hair up and forward. Gently turn the iron in the opposite direction to bump your hair away from your scalp. As you move down the length of the hair begin to also turn the iron to create a loose curl. Do a complete curl at the end. This sexy style is very full and luxurious and is perfect for a night out with the ladies or for a hot date. Finish by using hair spray on each section for maximum hold. Make sure that the hair spray that you use isn't too "wet".


Channel your inner Farah Fawcett (the modern version), by creating gentle flips. Instead of flattening straight or curling hair under, gently turn the flat iron up toward the ceiling once you get two to three inches from the ends of your hair. Make your flips as severe or soft as you want by experimenting with the fullness of the turn that you do with the flat iron. It's all in the wrist!


Create cute fun curls with nearly any hair length using a flat iron with narrow plates of.75 inches or less. Start at the scalp and turn the flat iron in a curl while slowly bringing the length of your hair into the curl. For a more natural looking curl pattern, alternate going forwards and backwards on each section. Apply heat protecting product and shine serum as you go and spray on a finishing spray for a final polish.

I am a writer and artist with a broad spectrum of interests including hair care, health and general beauty. Please visit Flat Iron Reviews for more information on selecting the right flat iron for your hair type, styling tips, and reviews of the most popular irons of all brands. You can also visit Natural Hair Care Tips for tips and advice on natural hair care.

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